How to Show battery percentage Windows 11

show battery percentage windows 11 ? How to Show battery percentage Windows 11. Question: “Still no built-in option to display battery percentage on the taskbar in Windows 11. Does anyone have any idea why this isn’t standard? It’s very frustrating to not have such basic functionality.”

How to Show battery percentage Windows 11
How to Show battery percentage Windows 11

How to Show battery percentage Windows 11

By default, the battery icon is displayed right in the right corner of the taskbar, helping you to know the remaining battery level of the laptop without much manipulation. In case you do not see this icon on your computer, you should apply a few simpler tricks than basket weaving:

Enable display of battery icon on the device

First, drag the battery icon in the extension out by clicking on the extension on the Taskbar (the icon in the right corner). If there is a battery icon in this section, long press and drag it out.

In case you do not see the battery icon in the extension, it is possible that the battery is not activated on the laptop. Therefore, go to Settings => Personalization => Taskbar . Here, select Select which icons appear on the taskbar and then turn on the Power item .

Enable display of battery icon on the device
Enable display of battery icon on the device

With this trick, right-click on the Taskbar => select Askbar Settings . Scroll down and click on Turn systems on or off. If the Power item is in the OFF state, please turn it on so that the Power  turns ON!

Turn on Power in the Taskbar's Settings
Turn on Power in the Taskbar’s Settings

Scan for hardware changes

When encountering the error that the battery icon cannot be turned on on a Win 11 laptop, scanning for hardware changes is also considered a useful solution. The operation is not too complicated, you just need to press the Windows + S key combination => enter cmd => select Command Prompt .

Then, you type sfc / scannow => Enter, wait for the machine to fix the error and then restart.

Scan for hardware changes
Scan for hardware changes

Reinstall Battery Driver

Have applied the above methods, but the battery icon has not yet “revealed”. If so, please reinstall the Battery Driver for your device by pressing Windows + R key combination => type devmgmt.msc => OK .

On the interface of Device Manager, go to Batteries => right click on Microsoft AC Adapter => Uninstall device => OK .

Finally, select the Action tab => Scan for hardware changes to restore the battery icon for your laptop.

Reinstall Battery Driver
Reinstall Battery Driver

Get Battery Percentage Icon

See your battery percentage, health, status, and other details in the Windows system tray. Be notified when battery becomes critical, low, high, and full.

  • Display battery percentage in Windows system tray
  • Show battery status in tray icon tool tip
  • Show notification when battery becomes critical, low, high, and full
  • Customizable tray icon font, text color, refresh interval and notification types
  • Battery details view shows battery health, capacity, charge rate and more

Download here.

Are you feeling inhibited because the battery icon on your laptop is suddenly hidden for unknown reasons? Don’t forget to apply the ways to display the battery on the Windows 11 laptop mentioned above to get this icon back in a flash.

Good luck!

Hope this article helps you! 

No batteries in device manager or taskbar


I have a fresh Surface book 2. Right after the first installation there is no battery icon in the task bar and the device manager does not list any batteries. Charging etc. works, but I cannot set power profiles or figure out how much battery is left. It will also die without warning when the battery is depleted. Fresh reinstalls do not help.

In the device manager I am seeing exclamation marks next to “Surface ACPI Notify Driver” and “Surface DTX”, both contain the error message:

This device cannot start. (Code 10)


Any hints?


You say ‘fresh installation’, have you just installed/re-installed Windows 10 ? If so you will need to go to the Surface Book 2 firmware/driver support page and download and install the .msi package.

The Package SurfaceBook2_Win10_17763_1805009_0.msi  is the latest

Then when that is done right click the Taskbar > Turn System Icons On or Off  or go to

Settings > Personalise > Taskbar > Turn System Icons On or Off

The Power indicator is the one you want.

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