How to remove, delete applications on Mac OS X

How to remove, delete applications on Mac OS X: In the process of using computers, there are software that we use for a while and then do not use them anymore, if left so, it will be very expensive, reducing the performance of the computer. This article I will guide you to remove, delete apps on MacBook.

Have you ever installed an application on your MacBook and want to delete it when you no longer use it? Or need to remove unnecessary programs to free up hard drive space?

Installing apps on Mac is easy but not everyone knows how to remove apps because Mac doesn’t work like windows.

So check out this article now to know 4 ways to delete applications on MacBook extremely quickly!

How to remove, delete applications on Mac OS X

Instructions for uninstalling apps on macOS

Click Go => Applications in the menu bar or Shift + Command + A:

How to remove, delete applications on Mac OS X
How to remove, delete applications on Mac OS X

Navigate to the App to remove and click Move to trash.

Finally go to the trash, select Empty Trash to completely delete the application again is OK.

With only 3 easy steps, we can easily remove apps from Mac already. Good luck !

Delete apps and software downloaded from the App Store using Launchpad

Launchpad on macOS is like the Menu bar, where all the applications installed on the Mac computer are located.

To open Launchpad, press the F4 key or click the silver rocket icon in the Dock.

  • Step 1 : Press F4 to open Launchpad and find the app to delete.
  • Step 2 : Hold down the left mouse button on the application to be deleted => Next, click the X to delete it => Finally, confirm the deletion .

 Delete apps on Mac with Finder

Just like Document on Windows computers. Finder is a place for users to store personal files and documents.

First, select the smiley square icon to the left of the Dock to open Finder.

  • Step 1 : Go  to  Finder  => Select  Applications  ( Applications) .
  • Step 2 : Find and move the mouse on the application to be deleted => Right-click or tap 2 fingers if using a trackpad => Then click on the item Move to Trash (Move to Trash) .
  • Step 3 : Go to the trash can  icon  in the bottom right corner of the Dock => Find the deleted application => Right-click and select  Delete immediately .

Uninstall, delete apps with Memory Management tool

  • Step 1 : In the top left corner, select the Apple apple icon => Click  About This Mac.
  • Step 2 : Select  Storage  => Click Manage…
  • Step 3 : Find and select  Applications => Hover the mouse to count the applications to be deleted and right-click => Select  Delete.
  • Step 4 : Confirm Delete (remove)  the application and complete.

Remove apps through 3rd party software – CleanMyMac X

Utility software for Mac helps clean junk files, delete applications on mac such as: CleanMyMac X, App Cleaner, and Uninstaller.

Its new version of CleanMyMac application has been improved more and more optimized than the previous version. The most recent version of CleanMyMac X has been updated with optimization and protection tools for your MacBook, iMac.

This version of CleanMyMac X adds malware removal and combines cleaning, optimization, and protection into one quick scan option. Scanning has never been faster.

You just need to open the application then select the applications and software you want to remove from macOS => click Uninstall. Using 3rd party software to remove and delete applications will help remove the application from your desktop without leaving junk files.


The fact that you delete and remove unnecessary applications on MacBook, junk files and old files that are not needed anymore, will help free up MacBook hard drive space significantly. From there, it will increase the speed of MacBook faster as well as limit the machine to be infected with Viruses.

Moreover, not every application that runs on the device is good. It can make the battery drain faster, the device will be damaged faster. Especially when MacBook Pro 2017 is considered to drain battery faster than previous versions. The above ways are quite simple and quick to remove applications on MacBook. Therefore, with unnecessary applications, you need to remove them all.

Hope this article “How to remove, delete applications on Mac OS X” helps you! 

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