How to hide files, hide folders on Windows 10/8/7

To view hidden files or hide system files on Windows is quite simple. Readers can see instructions on showing hidden files, see detailed file extensions in this article.

There are many reasons that files or folders on the Windows operating system may be hidden. Maybe it’s because the system defaults so that users don’t mistakenly delete or change them. Or maybe a virus….To display files and folders on Windows, you just need to do a few basic steps.

1. Show hidden files and folders on Windows 10/8

Maximize the folder window, in the  View tab, select  Hidden Items.

In the  View  tab on the Ribbon, you click the  Options option.

On the screen that appears the Folder Options dialog box, click on the  View  tab and then select the  Show hidden files and folders option.

If you want to show Windows system files, you can uncheck the checkbox for the item Hide protected operating system files.

2. View hidden files in Windows 7/Windows Vista

To unhide files on Windows 7 or Vista, simply click  Organize on any folder, then select Folder and Search Options.

Click on the  View tab, then select Show hidden files and folders in the list of options.

If you want to show the folder on Windows, you can uncheck the checkbox under  Hide protected operating system files.

Once done, click  OK  to save the changes.