How to fix MacBook Pro sound only one side issue

How to fix MacBook Pro sound only one side issue. MacBook speakers sound 1 side only really makes users very uncomfortable. Let’s follow the article below to find out how to fix the error of damaged MacBook external speakers.

How to fix MacBook Pro sound only one side issue
How to fix MacBook Pro sound only one side issue

Causes of MacBook Pro sound only one side issue

When you encounter a damaged MacBook with external speakers, you should first find the cause of the problem and have the most reasonable explanation. Here are the causes of speaker damage.

– MacBook fell into the water.

– Due to strong impact, the speaker can be damaged.

– Because the MacBook is too old, the speaker is rusty and dusty

– Especially because the machine has a software error, the MacBook may have an operating system error.

How to fix MacBook Pro sound only one side issue

Method 1: When your MacBook falls into the water: this case is very dangerous, your main machine may have been damaged, so the speaker is also damaged. You should bring the machine to a reputable store to check and repair MacBook timely.

Method 2: In case of speaker damage due to strong impact: When the machine is strongly shaken, that impact will affect the internal components, especially the external speakers. It can lead to the main broken or broken wires, so the machine will lose the signal transmission to the speaker, you should bring the machine to a professional repair shop to have your MacBook checked.

Method 3: When your MacBook has been used for a long time, it is difficult to avoid problems such as broken speakers or something, you can handle it by trying to turn off the speaker and then turn it back on, you can Can you plug in headphones and then turn on speaker mode again to see if it works. If it still does not work, you should also bring it to a MacBook Repair Center to be checked and repaired.

Method 4: When your MacBook has a software error, an operating system error: this is a case you can handle very simply by trying to reset the machine. If not, the best way is to reinstall the operating system for your MacBook and the machine will return to the original mode. However, before reinstalling the operating system for your computer, you should back up the necessary data to avoid losing all the data when reinstalling the computer. external speaker failure, we hope this article will be helpful to you to help you fix the problem of your MacBook’s speakerphone.

Method 5: If you notice that the left or right speaker on your MacBook has muted, make sure to check the following settings before taking it to the Store for hardware inspection:

System Preferences » Sound » Input: If ‘Use Ambient Noise Reduction’ is checked, simply uncheck it to unmute the left or right speakers. Applications » Utilities » MIDI Audio Setup: Go to Audio Devices and select ‘Built-in Output’ from the Properties dialog for the drop-down. Now look at the Audio Output section and make sure Channel 1 is not down or muted. Note that this program does not report the ‘Ambient Noise Reduction’ setting when Channel 1 is muted. (Some users have reported that iChat AV can reduce the volume of the left speaker significantly for conversations, so you may have to repeat this step after each use of iChat AV). The few minutes it takes to perform this basic check are definitely worth saving a trip to the Store.