Check and fix computer system errors

When starting and using a computer, the hardware in the device will work together with different performance but the same purpose is to make the device work smoothly and efficiently. However, if a problem arises, the performance of the device will be greatly reduced, sometimes leading to danger to the user if there is any damage related to the loss of user data. .

Kiểm tra và sửa lỗi hệ thống máy tính
Kiểm tra và sửa lỗi hệ thống máy tính


So how can you monitor and check the operation of the hardware in your computer to determine in advance possible failures? Please follow the suggestions in this article.

Windows 7 and 8 are equipped with some pretty great tools by Microsoft to help users check the system status. However, most users rarely know about them. Most of these available applications are included in the Administration Tools package.

Now let’s take a quick look at some of the hardware testing tools in the Windows Administration Tools package

Resource & Performance Monitor

Both versions of Windows 7 and 8 are equipped with a system monitoring and diagnostic tool that you probably never knew about, which is Resource and Performance Monitor. You can invoke this application by pressing the Windows + R key combination to bring up the Run dialog box and enter the command line ‘perfmon /report’ then press Enter.


A new window will appear and begin the process of collecting data related to the system hardware, which will take a few minutes.

After finishing the process, Resource and Performance Monitor will notify you of hardware-related problems and suggest solutions to the problem. In addition, Resource and Performance Monitor also alerts you to system status through different colored buttons. Quite useful if you need a quick assessment of system health.

Check Ram Memory Windows Memory Diagnostic

Windows also provides additional applications to help check the computer’s RAM memory with the Windows Memory Diagnostic application. When you start the application, a window will ask you to restart your computer to start the testing process.

When restarting the computer, you will see on the screen the process of checking RAM through the command lines displayed on the screen. When the process is finished, the error log will be saved on the system, you can review the evidence through the Event Viewer feature.